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Silent Hill Downpour Review

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This review looks at the story, gameplay, soundtrack, game mechanics, and stacks them up against previous Silent Hill games to see how they compare. For better and for worse
Silent Hill Downpour is a depature from the direction the franchise was taking with Silent Hill
Homecoming,origins,and shattered memories which sought to recreate or imitiate Silent Hill 1 and 2.
Whilst Downpour in no way returns the franchise to it’s former glory,
it does seem to be a step in the right direction by taking on some
fresh ideas rather than relying on re-using old ones, and while some of the new ideas
fail miserably others are interesting and show potential for the franchise to continue moving forward.

This review was originally uploaded in two parts to my old channel
where I also reviewed some of the other silent hill games:
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For anyone interested in my take on the Silent Hill HD collection, check out my Silent Hill 3 review.
In short I would advise no one to buy the Silent Hill HD collection not only because of the way
it dishonours the exemplary work of the original voice actors with the new performances but it is also
filled with graphical glitches and problems that where not in the original playstation 2,xbox and pc
versions of the games.
For more on that check out Twin Perfect’s HD Collection Review

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