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Dynasty Warrior gundam 3 review

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This is my first video review, so both positive and negative feedback would be appreciated(Since this is my first review, it’ll probably be bad). There are a couple of things that I left out in the review such as story mode needed training certain characters in order to complete the story mode, etc.

Story Mode:

The story mode is divided into multiple chapters. Each mobile suit Pilot belong to certain chapters. In order to complete each chapter arc, you need to basically play as each character. This prompts you to play as each character but can be a bit annoying at times since you could have been only playing as one main character in the story mode and now your force to use another chraracter just to advance the story. This can be remedied by just using the train section and train your pilots to lv 20(for four stars mission) or you can go on easy mode.



- lots of contents

-each individual mobil suits have their unique moveset and special attacks

-difficulty and variety of enemy makes each battles fun

-good presentation overall

-base system makes it more strategic than DW7 or SW3


- poor map design (in part to the base system)

-makes most map kind of less or more the same

-be a bit repeptive at times

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