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Bleach: Soul Resurreccion review(spoilers included)

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Hello, this is my review of Bleach Soul Ressureccion. I had to reupload this video since there was a sound issue in it. Should be much easier to be able to hear my voice now. I am still new to reviewing video games, so both positive and negative feedback would be appreciated.

Bleach: Soul resurreccion is a hack and slash game. It’s kind of short compared to other hack and slash titles.

Platform: Playstation 3
Developer: Sony Computer Entertainment
Publisher: Nis of America

-good looking graphics
-good gameplay with every character having their own unique playstyle(though a bit repetitive at times)
-character playstyle does a good job of transferring the anime into game format

-little content for a hack and slash game
-story mode is very lackluster and give wrong conclusion

Bleach Soul Ressureccion is a good game. It has pretty good visuals, does a good job in presenting the anime in game format, and gameplay is tons of fun. It does have its fair share of problems such as the lack of content, compared to other hack and slash games, its repeptiveness , poor story mode, and other problem. But overall, it’s a good game. I would highly recommend this game to bleach fans.

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