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Interview with Terry Naughton, ex-Disney animator & Hound Comics Illustrator

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Carey Martell (The RPG Fanatic) interviews Terry Naughton at Wizard World Austin Comic Con 2011.

Terry’s Bio:

My Favorite Giant

Naughton worked for Walt Disney Feature Animation for 17 years as an animation assistant and storyboard artist. He worked on every recent classic including The Little Mermaid (King Triton), Beauty and the Beast (the Beast) and Aladdin (the Genie) to name only a few.

Terry has also created the last ten U.S.C. football posters and has the bragging rights of various works for the NFL on his resume. Terry illustrates book covers and helps to create and illustrate children’s books. Currently, Naughton is working on the “Abyss Walker Series” by Author Shane Moore.

Waking Sleeping Beauty documentary

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