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Top Five Reasons Why Star Wars The Old Republic May Not Kill WoW

Follow Me on Pinterest So I was having lunch with O.G., head editor of and we started talking about this upcoming MMORPG. I went on a long rant about why I wasn’t looking forward to it and O.G convinced me to turn this into a video.

So here we go: why SW: TOR probably won’t kill World of Warcraft!

Update: Apparently there is a lengthy discussion about this video on the official forums

There is a second thread, too

The RPG Fanatic






My opinion is formed based on facts (for example, the information that WAR lost the majority of its subscriber base in a year is a FACT attested to in EA’s own public announcements). My opinions are highly subjective and may not be factual (for example, my explanations for why WAR lost so many subscribers are my own opinions). Please do not misconstrue the intent of this video. I am not saying it is a fact TOR will fail. I actually never said TOR would fail. I only said it is my opinion TOR may not become as successful as WoW and I believe I have sound reasons for why. If you disagree, that’s cool, but please make effort to understand what you are disagreeing with before telling me off. Thanks.

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