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StarTropics 2 Boss Rush Without Medicine Bottles or Vitamin X

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Darktropics of the C-Island forum came up with a challenge to see if anyone could beat the boss rush at the end of StarTropics 2 without using any medicine bottles. I decided to take things one step further, and beat the entire boss rush without using any medicine bottles AND not picking up the vitamin X (an item that refills all of your hearts) before the final boss.

To prepare myself for this, I decided to play through the entire game again and end off my playthough with my attempt at this challenge. Apparently playing though the game again was a good idea, as it helped me complete this challenge on my FIRST try!

This was a super fun challenge to attempt, it was a great way to add a new element of fun to a game that I have beat an uncountable number of times!

Thread from which this challenge originated:

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