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The RPG Fanatic Review Show – ★ Torneko The Last Hope ★- The Christmas Special Episode!

Follow Me on Pinterest Also known as ‘Dragon Quest Characters: Torneko’s Great Adventure 2 – Mystery Dungeon’ (Torneko no Daibōken 2 – Fushigi no Dungeon) is a PS1 game by Chunsoft and published by Enix. The game is a computer roleplaying game rogue-like with narrative elements, featuring the popular character Torneko (Taloon) from Dragon Quest 4.

This retro review discusses the gameplay of the game, and of course, there is occasional humor and funny jokes! This episode can be considered the Christmas special.

How I review games:
I do not use a rating system. I think rating systems are silly.
Unlike many game reviewers I try to review a game from the perspective of who I believe the target audience of the game is supposed to be.

If I personally don’t belong to the target audience for the game I’m reviewing, I try to consider if the intended target audience would enjoy the game or not.

Welcome to The RPG Fanatic channel, home to fanatical computer roleplaying videogame reviews, essays, rants and news!

The RPG Fanatic is a Youtube Partner web series created on January 7th, 2010, now part of the machinima network!

If you love rpgs games then this is the Youtube channel for you!

The RPG Fanatic Show is kind of like The Angry Video Game Nerd (AVGN), 16-Bit Gems, or Irate Gamer Show, but focused exclusively on old RPG games! Hosted by Carey Martell, the videos talks and shares news about all new video games and classic retro titles like Final Fantasy, Legend of Mana, The Lord of the Rings games, Disgaea, World of Warcraft and Wizardry! This is one of the best game channels for game videos!

The RPG Fanatic Show is also a Machinima Realm director channel. – Mobile version of the site

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