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Comiccon Video Game Review Show – ClaDun X2 Review

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I review the PC version of ClaDun X2 released 14th August 2012 available through steam. ClaDun X2 is a retro style dungeon crawler Role Playing Game. That has a focus on serious grinding, and endless character customization. This game was originally available on the psp. It sports one of the greatest soundtracks I have ever heard in an rpg one that rivals Final Fantasy Mystic Quest in my opinion. The game play is surprisingly addictive, and deceptively layered. My main complaint about the game is the lack of exploration of the world outside of dungeons, which I can understand why but the world of Arcanus Cella is so visually lush it’s a shame this wasn’t expanded a little. Also although this is for all intents about grinding, it could do with more conversations because the dialogue is often interesting and amusing, and makes for quite a different feel than the hacking and slashing you’ll be doing in the dungeons. All in all this game isn’t perfect, but it does deliver what it promises, and if you’re into a lot of hardcore grinding this game is perfect for you, as it delivers as much of this as you could ever want. 4/5 trilby hats a more than worthy addition to any true Role Playing Gamers collection.

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