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Clan of Champions Review

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This is my personal review of Clans of Champions. . Now, when I saw trailers to this game, I wasn’t really expecting much to be honest. It seems to be a standard action game. But there was one thing that surprises me; it was that it is a pc game that was being released by NIS America. I was surprised by that because I never really heard of Nis America releasing to anything on the PC as they mostly release game titles on the consoles.(well sony consoles to be exact) Anyway, I have done a playthrough of the game and would like to give my overall opinion of the game. Clan of Champion is an action game with a few rpg elements that was developed by Acquire and published by Nis America. It is available on steam. I’m also heard that it’s going to be released on PSN later, but I’m not sure when.

Platform: Steam, PSN(not sure what date it will be released)
Developer: Acquire
Publisher: NISA

-decent combat with a unique idea of destroying armor that affects the dynamic of the gameplay
-decent to good customization in terms of equipping armor, weapon, and skills

-limited character creation customization
-repetitive soundtrack

Overall, Clans of Champions is what I call a game of expectations. What you see from the trailer of the game is basically what you are going to get from the game itself. It’s not a disappointing game, but it’s also not a game that is going to impress you much. It has nice ideas behind it but it isn’t expanded too much. But all and all, it’s still a decent game. The combat can be fun, there is good amount of customization, and there is not much hindering it. Yeah, it has an uninteresting story but it isn’t thrust into you so it isn’t annoying. The only annoying thing about the game is the repetitive soundtrack and limited character creation. So in the end, it’s basically the game you expect from just seeing the trailer. But I still had fun with it

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