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Comiccon Video Game Review Show – Black Mesa/Half Life Retrospect + Review

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When Half Life released in 1998 it was a revolution in the genre of first person shooters. It had interactivity between your character and the npc’s, advanced artificial intelligence an impressive physics engine, a story told entirely in game and more. Whilst the origins of first person shooters go back at least as far as 1980 for the wire frame based Atari arcade game Battlezone. It wasn’t until 1992 that ID software truly started the genre with Wolfenstein 3D. Over the following years we would games like Doom, System Shock 1 (an early FPS/RPG hybrid), Rise Of The Triad, Duke Nukem 3D and Quake. And many others such as Heretic, Star Wars Dark Forces, Hexen, Blood, Shadow Warrior that all kind of advances in the graphics, sound, interactivity, and story telling. Black Mesa had a lot to leave up to as it set out not only to replicate the now legendary Half Life, but also sort to re-imagine it, and to make it fit in as a direct prequel to Half Life 2.

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