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Nier Review

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This is my personal review of Nier. Wow, just 15-30 seconds into this video and you can already tell this game is going to be different from the norm. Anyway, Nier is a strange title to say the least. It probably one of the more unique rpgs I’ve played this gen. well in terms of story. And gameplay is a bit different, well only a little bit. Anyway, you’re probably wondering why I am reviewing Nier when it came out so long ago. Well I thoguth I would give my overall opinion on the game since it gain a cutl following over the years. That and it’s one of the more memorable rpgs I’ve played this gen. But let’s not tarry and begin the review.

Platforms: PS3, Xbox 360
Developer: Cavia
Publisher: Square Enix

- Fantastic story and characters
- Great soundtrack
- Fun boss battles and magic system is pretty good
- Game can feel a bit repetitive at times
- Visuals a bit dated
- Side quest are just a bunch of fetch quests

Overall, I say Nier is a flawed gem. Nier has a compelling a story and a great cast of characters that I got really connected with. The gameplay can be a bit fun as well with the magic system and the boss battles. But there are a good amount of flaws to it such as the visuals being dated and the overlying gameplay feeling repetitive when you are playing through the game. But at the same time, I would totally recommend the game. You can probably get the game pretty cheap nowadays and the game overall just provides a pretty unique experience when you are playing through the game.

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